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Gil Hospital and Longenesis announce a research collaboration

Gil Hospital and Longenesis enter research collaboration to integrate Health Data Management Solution

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Gil Hospital and Longenesis Announce a Research Collaboration

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Credit: Insilico Medicine

April 23, 2019 - Insilico Medicine, a biotechnology company developing the end-to-end drug discovery pipeline utilizing the next generation artificial intelligence, congrats its partner, Longenesis, health data company, on signing an agreement today with the leading South Korea hospital Gil Medical Center, aimed to design and integrate a custom blockchain-based health data management solution.

The research goal is to establish a blockchain-based solution, built on Bitfury's open-source Exonum blockchain framework, that will streamline data collection and aggregation, improve medical research processes and enable transparent patient consent management. The solution will also address the specific compliance needs of these patients (including with HIPAA and GDPR regulations), as Gil Medical Center is a leading medical provider for foreigners in South Korea.

The Longenesis health data management solution will enable Gil Medical Center to upload, store and manage the data of individual patients in a secure environment, giving full control of data usage and access back to patients. Gil Medical Center also can better manage consent forms and status for individual researchers, which better facilitate the advancement of clinical trials.

"Gil General Hospital has a splendid reputation for being on the edge of adopting latest innovation. We are honored to mark our Korean presence with a partnership like such," said Garri Zmudze, CEO of Longenesis.

The announcement comes as medical data access and security is more carefully regulated worldwide, necessitating technological advances. In 1991, Gil Medical Center was the first hospital in Korea to use a fully integrated computer system for hospital administrative duties. Following this strong tradition, the hospital is now the first in the country to have adopted Longenesis' blockchain-based health data management solution.


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About Longenesis

Longenesis is a partnership between Insilico Medicine, a leading artificial intelligence company that uses deep learning for drug discovery, and the Bitfury Group, the leading full-service blockchain technology company. Longenesis is the exclusive healthcare application provider for open-source framework Exonum™. Longenesis has developed a blockchain solution that uses AI-integrated toolsets to store, manage, analyse and exchange healthcare-related data such as lab test results. The main goal of the company is to accelerate the development of healthcare by providing the solutions (for pharma, clinics, researchers, data analytics companies, and patients) for data management and data analytics utilizing blockchain and AI technologies. For more information visit:

About Gil General Hospital

The first permit to establish a medical corporation has been received by the Gachon University Gil Medical Center in 1978. Since then, the Gil Medical Center has been continuously increasing the scope of its activities, opening R&D project institution for research-centered hospital development, the clinical trial testing center, the largest artificial kidney center, the groundbreaking cancer center, women cancer center, anti-aging center, brain health center, genetic counselling clinic for incurable diseases and many other departments. In 2006 the Medical Center has established the Gachon University of Medicine and Science Institute. Recently the Gachon University Gil Medical Center was selected as one of the TOP 3 among 10 research-driven hospitals and made a grand achievement of being designated as the first regional trauma center in Korea. In 2018 it was rated as number one Emergency Medical Center by National Evaluation. For more information visit:

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