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The next four years: Forecasting child health policy issues

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A hot topic symposia session during thePediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2021 Virtual Meeting will provide a forum for policy and physician experts to predict major child health legislative and policy changes which will occur over the next four years.

The outcome of the presidential election has significant impact on the child health policy agenda. The goal of the session is to prepare academic pediatricians so they can be ideally positioned to promote or impede specific policies which are not evidenced-based to improve child health.

"The subject matter experts will peer into their crystal balls and help estimate how policies will shape the health of children over the next four years," said Shetal Shah, MD. "More importantly, these presentations will represent a call to action for pediatricians, parents, teachers and all those who care for children about how to advance a child health policy agenda."

The session will address federal legislative and regulatory issues expected to occur over the next four years and their impact on child health insurance rates and access. It will discuss expected federal actions and implications for drug pricing, particularly for medications aimed at treating rare disease. Experts will predict changes in funding level and federal priorities for National Institutes of Health related to pediatric research. The session will also increase awareness of how expected policy changes will impact vulnerable child populations, including immigrant children and children in poverty.

Presentations will focus on five major areas of concern to pediatricians and researchers:

  • Health insurance coverage for kids; presenter: Stephanie Glier, MPH - American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Pediatric drug and device development; presenter: Jonathan Davis, MD - Tufts Children's Hospital

  • The pediatric research funding environment; presenter: James Baumberger, MPP - American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Healthcare disparities/poverty; presenter: Benard Dreyer, MD - NYU Grossman School of Medicine

  • Immigrant issues; presenter: Julie Linton, MD - American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Shah will chair the session, "The Next Four Years: Forecasting Child Health Policy Issues," on Tuesday, May 4 at 2 p.m. EDT. Reporters interested in an interview with the presenters should contact

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