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Long-term statin use associated with lower glaucoma risk

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Editor's Note: This release has been removed upon request of the submitting institution. Jae Hee Kang et al. have notified JAMA Ophthalmology about errors that occurred in their Original Investigation “Association of Statin Use and High Serum Cholesterol Levels With Risk of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma,” published online on May 2, 2019. In the original article, the team reported an association between long-term statin use and a lower risk of primary open-angle glaucoma. However, because of serious coding errors in their analyses, these findings were not accurate. When corrected, the results were substantially changed, and they no longer observed a significant association between statin use and risk of glaucoma. Their article has been retracted and replaced online. For more information, please contact Haley Bridger,

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