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A blueprint for building transgender health programs in primary care

Peer-Reviewed Publication

American Academy of Family Physicians

Leading educators and clinical experts on transgender health care from Harvard, Fenway Health, and The Fenway Institute address access issues for transgender patients seeking care by providing a plan to integrate gender-affirming hormone therapy, surgical referrals, or wrap-around services into primary care. Such programs provide a much-needed service for this underserved but increasingly visible population that experiences significant health inequities. Authors provide a concise and practical guide to developing transgender health programs within existing primary care practices. Programs may be as streamlined as having one or two clinicians who provide hormone therapy within a welcoming primary care practice. The guide provides tips on how to access low-cost clinical training and how to generate organizational buy-in for the development of new services. The plan can be adapted across primary care practices of varying sizes and resources. This is the first peer-reviewed publication that provides a guide to implementing a transgender health program in primary care settings.


A Blueprint for Planning and Implementing a Transgender Health Program
Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH, et al
The Fenway Institute, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Boston, Massachusetts

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