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New partnership provides free access to 6 vital neurology journals

Future Science Group has officially partnered 6 neurology titles with their new online resource, Neurology Central, offering all members unparalleled free access to peer-reviewed content

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Future Science Group

Future Science Group (FSG) has announced that all articles from six of their top neurology journals will now be free to access for members of Neurology Central. The decision highlights the publisher's continued commitment to providing high-quality, accessible content to the neurology community.

The Neurology Collection, which is published by Future Medicine, an imprint of FSG, provides invaluable insight into the latest research and opinions across the broad field of neurology. The journal series includes titles dedicated to publishing the latest laboratory and clinical advances in neurodegenerative diseases, pain management and CNS oncology, along with many other key disease areas.

"Expanding access to key research is vital for facilitating progression and collaboration within the field of neurology. I am therefore very excited to announce this new step in improving access to these high-quality journals," commented Laura Dormer, Senior Manager of Commissioning & Journal Development (FSG).

The new partnership now enables Neurology Central to provide medical professionals with unique access to an expanding portfolio of free peer-reviewed content. Neurology Central members, individuals authoring for these six journals and new registrants to the site will receive immediate complete access to the full Neurology Collection, comprising CNS Oncology, Future Neurology, Neurodegenerative Disease Management, Neuropsychiatry, Pain Management and Concussion. Authors contributing to the journals will also benefit from increased dissemination and exposure of their work.

"This new partnership highlights one of many ways in which FSG is committed to bringing together the best talent and work for future scientific endeavor. We're very pleased to be championing new ways of increasing the accessibility of top research and opinion within the field," added Phil Garner, Managing Director (FSG).

Neurology Central will be exhibiting at SfN's Neuroscience 2015 (Booth #114) from 17- 21 October, and will be able to provide a full demonstration.


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