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Scientists of Kemerovo State University have developed a technology for creating in vitro root

Scientists of Kemerovo State University have developed a technology for creating in vitro root cultures with a high content of biologically active substances

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Kemerovo State University

Scientists of Kemerovo State University, within the framework of the Russian Scientific Foundation grant "Cultivation of isolated cells and organs of rare and endemic medicinal plants of Siberia and the Far East in vitro as a biotechnological method for obtaining biologically active substances", are investigating the fundamental principles of in vitro cultivation of isolated cells and organs of rare medicinal plants - producers of biologically active substances with cytotoxic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. One of the urgent problems of medicine and biology is the search and use of plant objects as medicines. The unfavorable environmental situation and the increasing need for medicinal raw materials create its shortage. A new solution was the use of an alternative source of raw materials - cultures of cells and organs of higher plants. The main advantages of this approach are the ecological purity of biomass production by biotechnological method, the possibility of obtaining plant biomass with specified characteristics regardless of the season, climate and weather conditions, high rates of biomass production, guaranteed purity of biomass from pesticides, herbicides, radioactive compounds and other pollutants. The presence of an effective industrial super-producer strain guarantees a higher content of the target product than in an intact plant.

Under the scope of the project, it has been possible to obtain the collection of callus, suspension cells and in vitro root cultures of medicinal plants of Siberia and the Far East since 2018. These cultures have cytotoxic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Their growth characteristics have been successfully studied. Furthermore, scientists developed in vitro crops cultivation systems, as well as methodology for obtaining target biologically active substances by extraction.

Currently, the work is underway to optimize the secretion conditions and purification of biologically active substance from the callus extracts, suspension cultures of cells and root cultures in vitro. Scientists also selected the conditions for drying isolated BAS. On the completion of the research project, they plan to passport the received biotechnological objects of medicinal plants in Siberia and the Far East. Based on the results of the research project, a technology for creating root cultures in vitro will be presented. These cultivated plants are distinguished by higher content of biologically active substance, which remains the base of high-quality herbal raw materials for medicine and pharmaceutical industries.


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