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Acupuncture's impact on the body, mind and spirit

Stuart Lightbody's The 361 Classical Acupuncture Points

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Stuart Lightbody's The 361 Classical Acupuncture Points: Names, Functions, Descriptions and Locations, revolves around Classical Acupuncture's impact on the body, mind and particularly the spirit of the patient.

This book presents well-researched information on each acupuncture Point. It provides the student and practitioner with a deeper understanding of the therapeutic effects of the Points, drawing on current information and personal experience as well as clinical observations from as far back as the Ming Dynasty and beyond.

The strength of the book lies in its up to date information for the treatment of today's patients with particular emphasis on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Written in a concise and accurate manner it provides, on the left-hand side, the Point Name(s), Descriptions and Commentaries and on the right-hand side, the Needle Depth, Number of Moxas, Locational Descriptions together with crystal clear diagrams illustrating their position on the body. It is designed for use in the treatment room to enable the practitioner to quickly and confidently select the most effective Point(s) for the patient in front of them. There is space allocated within each Point section so that the practitioner student may record their own observations, reflections and understandings as to their therapeutic effects.

The 361 Classical Acupuncture Points: Names, Functions, Descriptions and Locations retails for US$68 / £60 (hardback). To order or know more about the book, visit


About the Author

Stuart Lightbody Stuart Lightbody holds a Licentiate, Bachelor and Masters qualification in Classical Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (Overseas). He has been in practice since 1979 and has written extensively on Preventive Medicine and Acupuncture for the Daily Express newspaper.

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