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Instruction from experts on how to become an excellent journal reviewer in social sciences

Virtual workshop hosted by SIOP and CARMA

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Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

An open-access virtual training -- The Introductory Reviewer Developmental Workshop -- hosted by the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) has been announced to take place on August 22nd. The workshop is designed to help social scientists improve their peer-review skills. Participants will have an opportunity to obtain certification upon completing the training.

There is an increased demand for high quality peer-review of scientific papers across academic disciplines as the amount of scientific research grows. The workshop was developed to help meet such a need by providing training for those with limited to no experience reviewing. It also serves as a useful refresher for more experienced reviewers. Training materials (e.g., articles, videos) will all be available to the participant after the training to easily reference when reviewing. Those who cannot attend will also have access along with recordings of the workshop panels.

The more social scientists who attend workshops like this one, "the better our science and practice will be in the long run," says SIOP Past President Fred Oswald.

The virtual workshop which includes three live international panels at 4:30pm EDT, 5:15pm EDT, and 6pm EDT, will be held Wednesday, August 22nd. The workshop will introduce participants to basic reviewer competencies via readings and videos. Panelists include: Steven Rogelberg, Jane Le, Janaki Gooty, Paul Bliese, April Wright, Bob Vandenberg, Tine Koehler, Ernest O'Boyle, and Fred Oswald. Participants will learn how to:

  • Provide Constructive Feedback
  • Evaluate Thoroughly
  • Write in an Appropriate Tone
  • Write Clearly
  • Assess Scientific Contribution
  • Determine Alignment of Paper with Journal
  • Organize the Review Efficiently
  • Consider Ethical Guidelines
  • Be Open to New Topics and Methods


No registration is needed. Participants can join the event via Zoom. More information regarding the live panels and training can be found here:

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CARMA is an interdisciplinary consortium devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics. CARMA aims to provide continuing education on research methods and data analysis (introductory to advanced level topics) for graduate students, faculty at various stages of their careers, and professionals. In addition, they serve as a resource for those who teach research methods and data analysis. More information can be found here:

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