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ISTIC-Taylor & Francis Research Lab launches

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Institute for Science Technology and Information ISTIC-Taylor & Francis Research Lab Launches

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A jointly established Research Lab will provide a grant to finance research projects on a specific annual topic, focusing on areas of key importance to the Chinese research community and providing an opportunity to drive significant change on issues most affecting Chinese researchers.

The first topic for 2019 is research integrity, a topic of key importance for many researchers globally. Trust and truth in science are universal values, and Taylor & Francis Group as a publisher and Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) as a research body both look to support and promote this.

Transparency and trust at every stage of research is of high importance for all stakeholders, from funders through to individual readers. Research integrity is not an issue unique to China; it is a global issue. The Research Lab will present new and diverse perspectives on this issue affecting the global research community.

Taylor & Francis Group aim to increase understanding of the research landscape in China and the potential role for publishers, funders, societies and research institutions in providing guidance, facilitating change where appropriate and navigating the practicalities around the massive pressure on the system.

Partnering with the ISTIC and establishing the Research Lab is an exciting opportunity for Taylor & Francis Group to work with an expert body to facilitate international academic exchange and research, and to undertake activities to make real world impact on topics at the forefront of scientific development.

General Director Guoqiang Dai said: "I look forward to a good shared beginning of the 'ISTIC-T&F Research Lab', and hope that it continues to deepen our relationship and develop more areas of cooperation in future."

Global Publishing Director Leon Heward-Mills said "This is an extremely important partnership for us. I am delighted that Taylor & Francis is working with ISTIC on such a significant initiative, and I look forward to seeing new and innovative ways that our collaboration will help researchers in China reach an ever wider audience.


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About the Institute for Science Technology and Information China

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) was founded in 1956 under an initiative proposed by the then senior state leaders, including the late Premier Zhou Enlai and the late Marshal Nie Rongzhen. As a national research and service institute subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), ISTIC is designed to provide decision making support to the government agencies that take care of S&T activities in the country, in addition to its mandate of providing comprehensive information services to industry, universities, research institutes, and research personnel. It has become a management and service center, an academic center, a training center, and an R&D and diffusion center in the area of information technology. It functions as a major pillar in the national science and technology innovation system, providing guidance to S&T activities and staging demonstrations for the same purpose.

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