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SAGE's 10-year impact awards honor research with influence 10 years after publication

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Authors of three scientific papers—two from the social and behavioral sciences (SBS) and one from science, technology, and medicine (STM)—are receiving SAGE Publishing’s second annual 10-Year Impact Awards. The awards recognize the authors of papers published in SAGE Journals 10 years prior that have since received the most citations of all studies published the same year.

This year’s winners and their papers, published in 2010, are:

The top two papers received more than 2,000 citations and the third over 1,300 over the 10-year period. "The Psychological Meaning of Words” has been cited by 42 news outlets total, including by seven since the start of 2021. The research has provided evidence-based insight into issues such as the US Capitol’s insurrection on January 6th and how politicians responded to the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial. In 2016, the paper was included in a policy briefing from the National Bureau of Economic Research on successful leadership.

“Though the scientific community has made some progress in recent years, we have yet to agree upon the best way to measure and celebrate the impact of social and behavioral science research,” commented Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing at SAGE. “Citations represent one part of the picture, but even then, relying on two years of influence since publication overlooks the important contributions of SBS that are more diffuse and long-term."

SAGE is dedicated to recognizing impact in many ways, including by exploring new types of metrics beyond Journal Impact Factor. SAGE’s other impact initiatives include:

“It is our hope that the 10-Year Impact Awards bring deserved attention to specific research with influence that has grown over time and contribute to the broader conversation about impact, drawing attention to ways in which SBS might better be assessed by a more nuanced array of metrics,” concludes Marar.

To view the list of the top 100 most-cited 2010 articles, email To learn more about the awards, visit Social Science Space.


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