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New peer-reviewed journal Bioelectricity announced, preview issue launching summer 2018

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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News

New Rochelle, NY, January 16, 2018 - Bioelectricity, an influential and dynamic meeting place for the rapidly growing bioelectricity community and the peer-reviewed journal of record will be published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief, Dany Spencer Adams, PhD, Tufts University, Bioelectricity will be published online and in print with open access options and provide an authoritative, high-profile forum for groundbreaking original research papers, review articles, and captivating front matter, debate, and commentary. A preview issue of the Journal is planned for summer 2018.

The field of bioelectricity, much like the field of biochemistry, is becoming a foundational component of the biological sciences. The scientists who pioneered modern studies of bioelectricity--the study of electricity in, around, and among cells--have created a solid footing for the recent upsurge in research in the field; voltage, current, resistance, pH, and other familiar ion-dependent phenomena, have all been found to be generated and maintained by cells in highly conserved, energy-dependent processes. Phenomena as diverse as local cell-cell communication and patterning of entire organisms have been shown to require bioelectric mechanisms working synergistically with molecular mechanisms. Using extant tools scientists can already manipulate cell identity; cause, inhibit, or reverse tumorigenesis; listen in on and affect communication between cells; and steer growth and differentiation in cultured cells and model organisms. Soon, we will be using new tools to manipulate bioelectricity to treat cancer or initiate regeneration of whole limbs and organs. Bioelectricity, the only peer-reviewed journal devoted explicitly to bioelectricity, will document the realization of those possibilities and narrate this next step in the evolution of how we study life.

"We are on the threshold of a transformation in the intellectual and technical strategies used in the biosciences, as ever more researchers begin to explore the biophysical phenomena that act synergistically with the biochemical," says Dr. Adams. "That makes this an exhilarating moment in the progression of bioelectricity studies from a small specialty to an internationally recognized topic of great significance to biology and medicine. It is also an auspicious time to create a dedicated journal to act as a central resource. I am delighted by this opportunity to coordinate the work of so many talented people as we shape our journal into an outstanding and influential foundation for this dynamic, emerging field."

Authoritative Associate Editors include Annarosa Arcangeli, MD, PhD, University of Florence School of Medicine, Emily Bates, PhD, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Mustafa Djamgoz, PhD, Imperial College London, Richard Kramer, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Michael Levin, PhD, Tufts University, Richard Nuccitelli, PhD, Pulse Biosciences Inc., Ann Rajnicek, BS, PhD, FRSB, University of Aberdeen, and Min Zhao, PhD, School of Medicine, UC Davis.

"Bioelectricity is a hugely exciting and multifaceted topic," says Associate Editor Michael Levin, PhD. "Prior discoveries in this important area were distributed throughout journals covering physiology, developmental biology, genetics, botany, oncology, technology, and bioengineering, making it difficult to appreciate the deep cohesion and broad relevance of its concepts. By covering the numerous applications to regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, and even cognitive science, Bioelectricity will become the intellectual center of gravity. With this new journal, headed by well-known expert in molecular bioelectricity Dr. Dany Adams, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers will facilitate the coalescence of this new and widely significant field of research."

The Journal will provide rapid, fair peer-review and welcomes original research papers on every aspect of bioelectricity in biology and technology, including basic research (in any organism), translational, clinical, and agricultural applications. Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to) bioelectric mechanisms associated with cancer, cell signaling, channels and pumps, channelopathies, development, health, homeostasis, immunity, microbiology, physiology, regeneration, and senescence; practical applications for biomedical approaches, electropharmaceuticals and electroceuticals, medical devices, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and transplantation; and tools for bioelectricity research including imaging, intellectual property and patenting, bioethics, optogenetics, simulation software and mathematical models, and tools to manipulate bioelectric signals.

"Bioelectricity exemplifies our highly recognized prescience and commitment to identify and advance knowledge in cutting-edge fields," says Mary Ann Liebert, President and CEO of the company that bears her name. "The stellar editorial board of this important new journal ensures its integrity of content and impact."


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