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Karger Publishers partners with BenchSci

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Karger Publishers

Karger Publishers, a globally active medical and scientific publishing company, partners with BenchSci, a life science machine learning startup, to help scientists find biological product data included in scientific articles faster.

The partnership between Karger Publishers and BenchSci will address a common challenge in biomedical research. Researchers have to identify and buy the right biological products for their experiments (e.g. antibodies to measure proteins). To guide decisions, they rely on product data in published scientific papers. But finding the right product data takes significant time and effort, as researchers have to search for and review many articles. BenchSci goes through the papers and tags text by scientific concept and thus delivers more accurate search results.

The new partnership between Karger Publishers and BenchSci helps deliver more accurate search results. Karger Publishers will make material from its 108 peer-reviewed scientific journals available to BenchSci. BenchSci will use its industry-leading machine learning technology to extract meaning from the text and make relevant biological product data included in these articles more discoverable for scientists. Researchers will get the right results faster and will need to read less as they can e.g. choose products with the most citations. They can find biological product data faster on BenchSci's platform, saving time and helping increase the speed of scientific discovery.

"We are happy to partner with BenchSci to make the data in our journals available faster. This enables scientists and researchers to quickly and accurately retrieve the data they need to perform better experiments," says Marc Schindelholz, Head eBusiness Development and Rights of Karger Publishers.

"To make discoveries, researchers need the right tools," said Liran Belenzon, CEO, BenchSci. "But knowing which tools to use for which experiments isn't easy. There are millions of biological products. And up to half of them don't work when used in experiments. At BenchSci, we're solving this problem by turning published data into experiment-specific insights that reduce time, money, and uncertainty when starting research. With Karger's unique content, we can provide more insights to drive more discoveries."


About Karger Publishers

Karger Publishers in Basel, Switzerland, is a globally active medical and scientific publishing company. Independent and family-run in the fourth generation by Vice Chairwoman & Publisher Gabriella Karger and Chairman Thomas Karger, the company is dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community with publications of high-quality content, covering all fields of medical science. The publication program comprises 50 new books per year and 108 peer-reviewed journals with a growing number of open access publications. Karger content is published predominantly in English, with a strong focus on basic and clinical research, and is generally available online. S. Karger AG consists of the publishing company Karger Publishers (est. 1890) and the International Subscription Agency Karger Libri (est. 1960).

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About BenchSci

BenchSci accelerates biomedical discoveries. Researchers waste time and money on antibodies that don't work. This slows studies, destroys samples, and leaves patients waiting for treatments. Artificial intelligence can solve the problem, and we're building it. Our technology helps researchers find reliable antibodies 24x faster and 75% cheaper. It now powers discoveries in 7 of the top 10 pharma companies and 910 academic institutions. Academic researchers can sign up free at Industry researchers can request a demo at And passionate people can join us at

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