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COVID-19- to COVID-20

Coronavirus - a syndemic?

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From Covid-19- to COVID-20 - the evolution of COVID-19 in terms of its overall medical and socio-economic impacts is examine through a comparison of cases and deaths in the two successive waves we have experienced. Peak comparisons show that although the number of cases has doubled the number of deaths has decreased by 50 percent with case mortality decreasing by a factor of four. In addition, where at the beginning of the pandemic interventions were aimed at containment and mitigation of a single disease entity, today we are addressing concurrent co-morbidities which are largely attributable to social determinants of health and the collateral morbidities resulting from our interventions. Overall, we are currently dealing more with a "syndemic" and a name change should be considered for many reasons.

A brief commentary on how the above needs to be considered as we draw closer to having a vaccine for which an equitable allocation plan must be developed. This is a pressing need as projections indicate that initially only a limited supply will be available.


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