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Knowledge of nurses for pain management of patients on maintenance hemodialysis

The article by Dr. Eman Khamis Al Nazly and Dr. Husam Al Khatib is published in the journal, The Open Nursing Journal

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Bentham Science Publishers

In hospitals, we know that the nurses are the first to deal with patients in pain. For any ailment, including patients needing hemodialysis, the knowledge of pain management, the nurses have, allow them to provide optimal pain management.

This qualitative study aims to explore the experiences, perceptions, and beliefs of nurses serving in the hemodialysis unit in terms of pain management practices. The study helped identify the educational needs of the nurses to improve pain management in practice. A subjective sample of 16 nurses working in four out-patient hemodialysis units in Amman, Jordan, was hired for this research. Using semi-structured interviews, the data was collected.

The study found five themes and fifteen subcategories in which the nurses' knowledge for pain management can be analyzed. The findings will be useful for evaluating pain management practices for patients on maintenance hemodialysis, developing educational programs for nurses serving in hemodialysis units, focusing on improving pain management, and providing knowledge regarding these issues.


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