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American Association of Anatomists commits $750,000 to support research funding mechanism

Grant and Award Announcement

American Association for Anatomy

BETHESDA, MD (May 18, 2016) - The American Association of Anatomists has announced a new funding mechanism to support scientific research proposals related to the anatomical sciences. The Fellows Grant Award Program (FGAP) will support proposals submitted to national or international funding agencies (e.g., NIH, NSF) that were scored, and generally well-received, but did not receive funding. The awards of $25,000 each are available this year for either established or young investigators who have submitted a peer-reviewed grant application to a major funding sponsor within the last 15 months and received a full review, but were not funded.

FGAP Task Force Chair, Wayne Vogl, Ph.D., Professor at the University of British Columbia, conveys the importance of this new program. "Realizing the need to support good grants that aren't funded, we created this award to provide members of our Association with a mechanism of continuing their research programs, addressing issues raised by review panels, and eventually achieving funding success by national or international agencies."

The FGAP will provide up to 30 awards of $25,000 each over 10 years, totaling up to $750,000. This is the largest investment of funds the Board has committed to funding scientific research in the organization's history. In 2015, the AAA awarded over $300,000 in financial support to 271 members through its awards program.

Shawn Boynes, CAE, Executive Director of the Association, addresses the larger concern of financial support for the scientific community. "We know that lack of funding is a concern of AAA members. It's our hope that the FGAP will provide another mechanism for members to achieve their research goals. Supporting our members is the top priority and this is an investment from the members to the members to support good research in the anatomical sciences."

New FGAP applications will be solicited through a general announcement to the membership on September 1 of each year. Submission deadline for the FGAP proposal will be October 15 of that year. A decision on who will receive the award will be made by December 1. The award will begin the following January 1. More information is available on the Fellows Grant Award Program webpage.


About AAA: The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) was founded by Joseph Leidy in Washington, D.C. in 1888 for the "advancement of anatomical science." Today, via research, education, and professional development activities, AAA serves as the professional home for an international community of biomedical researchers and educators focusing on the structural foundation of health and disease.

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