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The AGRIMODELS Cluster jointly participates at the 16th Congress of EAAE

EU sister projects BESTMAP, MIND STEP and AGRICORE showcase ways to improve agricultural policy modelling

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As part of the AGRIMODELS Cluster, established for coordination of potential synergies between BESTMAP, MIND STEP and AGRICORE, these three EU-funded projects join forces in a virtual session for the 16th European Association of Agricultural Economists Congress. After its postponement due to the Covid-19 crisis, the EAAE Congress will take place between 20 and 23 July 2021 in an online format, under the title "Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinarity, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches".

The Cluster's session on the topic "Use Of Individual Decision Making Models To Support Policies" will be held on the 22th of July, 2021, from 10:30 (CEST), examining the following subjects:

  • MIND STEP: Modularity, transferability and extendibility of models for individual decision making at farm level, led by Marc Mueller of Wageningen University

  • BESTMAP: Conceptual approach and initial results from qualitative and quantitative interviews with farmers across five case study areas, led by Prof. Guy Ziv of University of Leeds

  • AGRICORE: Using synthetic populations to produce representative and anonymous distributions of farm characteristics of the real farmers' population of interest from different data sources, led by Mario Veneziani of University of Parma

The main objective of the session is to showcase new data, tools and models that are needed to evaluate policy impacts on environmental and economic performance at the farm, regional, national and global levels.

"Our three projects are tightly connected by similar objectives to improve agricultural policy modelling, in particular aspects related to farmers' behaviour, and our joint presentation at EAAE congress is one of many activities we are working on together in order to achieve greater impact and visibility of all three projects," comments Prof. Guy Ziv, Coordinator of the BESTMAP project. "I believe there are many benefits to our projects and organisations from liaising with each other and I'm really happy to see that the Cluster established by our three projects is working together in delivering events such as this session, as well as in other engagements with stakeholders including the European Commission."

Every three years the EAAE organises a congress with a general theme in the broad field of agricultural economics. The congress brings together between 700 to 800 academics, scholars, practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers from all over the world to discuss the latest and most pressing issues in the agri and food domain. This year's session aims to foster discussions on how we can raise our impact and contribute more effectively to the resolution of important societal challenges.


The AGRIMODELS Cluster invites everyone interested in agriculture to join our session. Follow this link to become part of the event.

The agenda is available here.

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