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FEFU scientists have developed vitamin drink consisting of whey, juice and seagrass

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Far Eastern Federal University

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Credit: Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

Scientists of the Department of Food Science and Technology, School of Biomedicine, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have developed a drink rich in vitamins and minerals that based on whey, pectin from seagrass Zostera, and fruit juice or nectar. The drink helps to quench thirst, stave off hunger, as well as to recharge the body strength after fitness routine or illness. Scientists propose to release the product in three tastes: apricot, peach, and pineapple.

Due to the sea pectin zosterin obtained from Zostera seagrass, the drink has received a saturated, dense structure. Gel-like inclusions formed in it are similar to those in the aloe vera drink, which is popular in the Far East. In addition, zosterin is an excellent natural adsorbent. It takes out heavy metals, radionuclides, etc. from the body.

"Whey is a very valuable product rich in biologically complete proteins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body. Whey contains useful milk sugar lactose, which is also completely absorbed, and, very importantly, contains no fats. However, there is a problem. A taste of a pure whey leaves much to be desired, so people usually don't want to drink it. Our idea was to make a tasty and healthy drink with a pleasant texture and high consumer properties. We additionally "strengthened" the drink by including marine pectin in its composition, which makes our product a unique one", said Oksana Tabakaeva, professor of the Department of Food Science and Technology of the FEFU School of Biomedicine.

According to the scientist, a new drink supposed to be cost-effective within mass production that leads to the affordable prices in the store. The product has a fairly long shelf life. Poured in sealed in the aseptic package, the drink will preserve its beneficial properties for more than a month. It can be stored in an ordinary refrigerator at home.

Whey is a liquid that remains after coagulation and filtering of milk during manufacturing processes. Compared to proteins from whole cow's milk, whey proteins are much easier to digest and are similar to breast milk proteins, so they are used for the manufacture of baby food. Due to the high content of B vitamins, whey-based drinks help strengthen the whole body. The composition of whey also includes minerals: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. There are also the so-called semi-vitamins: biotin which regulates protein and fat balance, choline that is the most important building material for the brain, and nicotinic acid.


Earlier in 2019, scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University created a healthy drink from jellyfish and citruses, and in the fall of 2018, introduced iodine-enriched bread based on scallop decoction.

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