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Kazan University and TNG Group working on aerial drone surveillance for the hydrocarbon industry

A governmental grant within the P-218 program has been won jointly by KFU and TNG

Grant and Award Announcement

Kazan Federal University

Vice-Rector for Research, grant co-recipient Danis Nurgaliev comments, "Green seismic exploration technology is being widely introduced around the world. The main existing problems are low speed of geodesy support for seismic exploration, low resolution of earth maps, lack of details in landscape specifics of surveyed lands, lack of speedy registration of the structure of upper strata of sections, and low efficiency of express control of the correlation between commissioned works and factual implementation. Solving these issues can help accelerate planning and increase the efficiency of seismic exploration."

The project aims to enhance aerial drones with various devices, such as detectors and special cameras for geological surveys. The data from such devices can be used to analyze the upper strata of rocks and even evaluate their hydrocarbon-bearing potential, as well as for forest planning and soil analysis.

"The project will be implemented with our strategic industrial partners - TNG Group," adds Senior Lecturer Viktor Kosarev, primary administrant of the grant work. "They will partake in R&D, production and implementation of the technology."

So far, KFU has completed over 50 R&D commissions for TNG Group. In particular, the two sides have cooperated in the P-218 projects. 150 students and employees have been involved in the aforementioned projects, 90 papers have been published, and over 20 patents have been registered.


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