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Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Measures relevant to health

German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina presents second ad-hoc-statement

Peer-Reviewed Publication


The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has published a second ad-hoc-statement entitled "Coronavirus Pandemic - Measures Relevant to Health". The paper focuses on measures, which can contribute to a gradual normalisation of public life. Three measures are particularly important: (1) general use of mouth and nose protection, (2) short-term use of mobile phone data, and (3) increase in testing capacities.

This statement complements the first ad-hoc-statement "Coronavirus Pandemic in Germany: Challenges and Options for Intervention" of the interdisciplinary working group dated March 21, 2020, in which the participating scientists described measures to contain the pandemic, protect vulnerable population groups, and to increase the capacity of the public healthcare system and the public supply of critical goods and services. These recommendations remain valid and are herewith supplemented in light of recent developments.

At present, measures relevant to health are particularly important. In addition, immediate and long-term social and economic consequences must be taken into account for future decisions. The Leopoldina is currently working on further statements with recommendations for a sustainable "restart" of public life and the economy.


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