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Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) opens doors to BC companies looking to explore quantum technology for their business

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 2, 2021 - The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI), an industry, academia and government collaboration to grow the applied quantum computing ecosystem in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada, today announced it is searching for partners who are ready to begin or accelerate their exploration of quantum-enabled technologies.

Founded in 2020 through an investment by the government of British Columbia, QAI’s mission is to develop a pipeline of talent in quantum information sciences for B.C. to facilitate quantum research partnerships addressing real-world challenges in the public and private sectors, and to support the commercialization of quantum technology through co-developing quantum applications with industry partners.

QAI initially is seeking companies located in B.C. ready to explore potential applications of quantum computing in structured, chemical and software engineering with its 50-plus quantum experts as well as university students and graduates at various levels of education and expertise.

“This is a critical time for businesses relative to the emergence of quantum computers,” said Brad Lackey, a senior quantum researcher at Microsoft and chair of the QAI board of directors. “Corporations that wait too long to begin their quantum transition may face significant headwinds. This is why QAI will give B.C. companies an advantage over other jurisdictions. QAI will help ensure a steady stream of highly skilled workers to enable businesses to make sense of what’s coming and get ready to protect themselves and their customers.”

As the Government of Canada continues its consultations around a national quantum strategy, QAI continues executing its mandate by offering the private sector access to the talent, insight and development of cutting-edge technologies they will need to position themselves for the quantum age.

“We’re looking for corporate partners who want to work with us and influence the development of quantum-enabled solutions according to their own needs and specifications,” said Marjan Bagheri, Director of Operations and Engagement at QAI. “By bringing industry closer to researchers and startups, we’re helping to ensure the quantum algorithms developed in B.C. are aligned with the needs of the corporations which are most likely to use them. It’s a win for all sides.”

QAI invites B.C.-based companies in engineering and other related sectors to contact the organization about taking steps together to leverage the power of quantum for their business at minimal expense to the participating company at this initial stage.

“The B.C. government is a proud partner of the QAI, and we support its work to grow our world-class quantum technology sector,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. “I am proud of the cross-sectoral collaboration between academia and the private and public sectors that will make life better for British Columbians through the QAI. By working with the QAI, companies can get onboard with the next wave of cutting-edge technology that is capable of solving some of the world’s most complex problems.”

About QAI

The Quantum Algorithms Institute was founded in 2020 as an industry, academia, and government collaboration to grow the applied quantum computing ecosystem in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. Its mission is to create a home-grown talent pipeline to meet industry needs and support commercialization efforts of applied quantum computing research and algorithms development. This pipeline will enable the development of algorithms that apply quantum technology to real-world problems that traditional computers alone are not capable of solving.



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