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SIOP hosts 2021 Leading Edge Consortium on Leadership Development

Meeting Announcement

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Registration for the 2021 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium (LEC) on Leading Edge: Leadership Development is now open.

The LEC, which will take place virtually October 7-9, 2021, will feature an array of thought leaders and interactive sessions focused on helping leaders be more effective. Six workshops will be held September 30 through October 2:

  • Executive Assessment: Lessons Learned (the Hard Way!) presented by Nancy Tippins
  • Designing World Class Leadership Development Programs presented by Laura Mattimore
  • Building Leadership Agility Through Disruptive Experiences presented by David Peterson
  • Identity-Based Leader Development: Theory and Practice presented by David Day
  • Teaching Leaders How to Build Teams presented by Gordon Curphy and Michele Hartgrove
  • Everybody a Leader? Democratizing Leadership Development presented by Cindy McCauley

Benefits of attending the 2021 LEC include:

  1. Exposure to the Leading Edge Leadership Development. Rarely (if ever) will you see this line-up of the very best of the best in Leadership Development experts all in one place. The LEC will encourage provocative thinking, questioning and discussion among some of the most creative and impactful minds on the topic.
  2. Gaining a Science-Based Perspective With a Pragmatic Practice Approach. The LEC is unique in its focus on holistically covering a topic with what we know both from science and practice.
  3. Networking and Social Events. There will be events each day for networking and social interaction. Thursday features a virtual chocolate tasting and Saturday is a wine tasting/leadership event (extra fee and registration required). Friday will feature a leadership development “speed networking” event open to all LEC registrants.

Talent is the number one stress point globally for CEOs with talent shortages being acutely felt across all industrial sectors, according to the Conference Board (2020) C-Suite Challenge. To survive in today’s environment, organizations need skillful and dynamic leaders and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past. Yet, what skills and how best to develop leaders for an uncertain future is the subject of many current debates within organizations, consulting firms, and academia. The LEC will explore these crucial business challenges.


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