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Electron-Ion Collider in China (EicC) white paper has been released

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Electron-Ion Collider in China (EicC) white paper has been released

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Credit: Yuxiang Zhao

Understanding the visible world that we are living in is of fundamental importance to modern sciences. As the building blocks of visible matter, nucleons (protons and neutrons) are composed of quarks and gluons. However, many basic questions remain unanswered, such as: How do the quark and gluon constituents contribute to the spin and the mass of a nucleon? How do novel multi-particle dynamics emerge from the nuclear environment containing many gluons and sea quarks?

Scientists from the Institute of Modern Physics, together with collaborators around the world, have proposed an Electron-Ion Collider in China (EicC) to carry out dedicated research to explore these open questions. Recently, the English version of the EicC white paper has been released and published in Frontiers of Physics, Volume 16, Issue 6. It includes an overview of highlighted physics goals, detector, and accelerator design. After reaching this milestone of the EicC project, the EicC working group is now moving forward towards the Conceptual Design Report.

The full document of the EicC white paper can be downloaded here:

Daniele P. Anderle, Valerio Bertone, Xu Cao, Lei Chang, Ningbo Chang, et al., Electron-ion collider in China, Front. Phys. 16(6), 64701 (2021),


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