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Tokyo Tech launches California-based international collaboration hub Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley

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Tokyo Institute of Technology

The new hub is part of Tokyo Tech’s efforts to support global education and research. Having a hub in the San Francisco Bay area, where the world’s most advanced companies, universities, and research facilities converge, will not only bridge the distance between Japan and the US, but also allow Tokyo Tech to utilize its established relations and networks toward further exchanges.

With an emphasis on collaboration, the establishment of Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley makes the promotion of joint research in basic as well as applied sciences a distinct possibility. It will further support innovation by providing a US-based launchpad for Tokyo Tech start-ups. The hub will also ease the process of student exchange between Japan and the US. Such exchange may also lead to the development of new joint education programs.

[Comments on the establishment of Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley]

Tetsuya Mizumoto, Tokyo Tech Executive Vice President for Education

This year marks the 140th anniversary of Tokyo Tech. We seek to make further strides toward becoming the top university in science and engineering. The US is a leader in scientific and technological innovation, leveraging the creativity and diversity of its people. For many years, collaboration with partner universities in the US and many other countries has been a vital and integral part of Tokyo Tech education and research. It is crucial to have a hub in Berkeley, the cradle of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Together with our partners, utilizing our individual strengths, we will achieve mutual benefit and promote the creation of new knowledge.

Hiroo Ueda, Director, Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley

The San Francisco Bay Area is a global hub of innovation, where world-class research and entrepreneurship happens. Therefore, it is a natural progression for Tokyo Tech to establish a hub in this region to promote exchange and collaboration. Along with the generation of interdisciplinary knowledge and promotion of open innovation, we will work to further expand the value of Tokyo Tech research globally and share our knowledge in the US.

[About Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley]

1.Name: Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley

2.Address: c/o JSPS San Francisco, 2001 Addison Street, Suite 260, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA.


  1. Education
  • Attract diverse and talented students and promote exchange
  • Build new alliances with universities and research institutions in the US and promote corporate internships
  • Provide a local office for educational administration
  1. Research and Industry-Academia collaboration
  • Promote interdisciplinary research exchange
  • Promote joint research with US universities, research institutes, and corporations
  1. Information
  • Provide Tokyo Tech-related information (latest achievements, initiatives, and facilities for education and research)
  • Support the US expansion and development of Tokyo Tech start-ups
  • Support the US expansion of Tokyo Tech’s open innovation activities

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