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What are college counselors’ attitudes towards evidence-based practice for providing mental health services?

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When they use an approach called evidence-based practice (EBP), clinicians and counselors rely on the best available research to provide care for patients. EBP could be used by college counselors to help meet the increased need for mental health services on campuses, but what are these counselors’ attitudes towards EBP? A new study published in the Journal of College Counseling explores this topic.

Surveys of 205 U.S. college counselors revealed that institutional support and time spent training predict attitudes toward EBP. Therefore, college counseling centers should consider the resources that can encourage the use of EBPs among their counselors.

“It may be helpful for university counseling centers to facilitate a climate that encourages the use of EBP to support a standard of care in the field of college counseling,” said lead author Sean Newhart, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University.

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