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Yan receives funding for CRII: OAC: Data collection infrastructure for panoramic video monitoring in wildlife science

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Zhisheng Yan, Assistant Professor, Center for Secure Information Systems (CSIS), received $171,838 from the National Science Foundation for the project: "CRII: OAC: Data Collection Infrastructure for Panoramic Video Monitoring in Wildlife Science."

Yan and his collaborators are investigating a video collection cyberinfrastructure (CI) to enable panoramic wildlife monitoring. 

The design objective is to archive days to weeks of high-resolution video data for long-lived monitoring under the limited storage and energy constraints of remote cameras. To this end, the researchers have proposed a framework for collaborative local and networked storage. 

First, Yan and his collaborators propose camera computing strategies to understand the scientific value of monitoring content and to maximally compress the video with negligible overhead. This will mitigate the overall need for storage. 

Second, they propose a networked storage scheme to address the intermittent nature of the network in the wild, where only partial video is transported while the remaining video is generated in the receiver. They will then schedule compressed video tiles for local storage or networked storage by orchestrating the storage, network, and battery resources. 

Finally, they will develop and deploy the panoramic video monitoring in real wildlife research. They will validate the CI and assist wildlife scientists to study the impacts of animal interaction on disease transmission.

"The importance of the project is that it will be the first research CI that collects 360-degree videos for wildlife monitoring. The collected comprehensive spatiotemporal data could potentially transform scientific monitoring in field studies," Yan said.

Funding for this award began in October 2021 and will end in late May 2022.



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