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Discover the truth about hormones & your health in new, myth-busting podcast series

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Society for Endocrinology

Hormones: The Inside Story

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Hormones: The Inside Story, the podcast series uncovering the facts about hormones and health with an expert-led, myth-busting and entertaining format, is back for a second series. Hormones affect growth, sleep, body fat, fertility and almost every aspect of our daily lives and health. Sadly, the mainstream media is brimming with misinformation and potentially dangerous advice from a host of non-experts and dubious commercial enterprises.

Building on the huge success of last year’s debut series, the Society for Endocrinology and First Create The Media have just released series two, which continues examining the stories and the science behind hormones, cutting through the myths and misinformation, providing real facts and enabling you to make better decisions about your health.

Educational and entertaining. Interesting and relevant content brilliantly presented, with a great balance of expert input. Informative, interesting, accessible. Apple review

With the help of presenter Georgia Mills, this series uncovers the truth about how hormones affect our growth, weight, mood, how we age and our declining fertility. Speaking with leading experts, she'll be finding out about the controversies around the male menopause, fasting and weight loss, whether there really is a fertility crisis and if you can beat the aging process or boost your happiness by hacking your hormones. Tune in to learn how monkey testicles could link to the fountain of youth, why Irish giants are not just the stuff of legend, the secrets of lengthy prairie vole ‘romance’ and how brushing your teeth could save your life.

Perfectly paced. ‘Hormones’ isn’t a subject that would normally detain me for too long, but this series kept me entertained and informed throughout.” Apple review

The podcast style is informative, with a warm, funny side, aimed at engaging people with the real science about hormones. Each episode is framed around a common question about a hormone-based hot topic:

  1. Can I take hormones to make me taller?
  2. Does when I eat affect my body weight?
  3. Can I hack my hormones to beat aging? 
  4. Menopause vs. manopause – are they equivalent?
  5. Is there really a fertility crisis?
  6. Can I hack my hormones to improve my mood?

To listen and subscribe, simply search for 'Hormones: The Inside Story' on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you like to listen.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Soc_Endo and use #InsideHormones to keep the conversation going.

"Love this podcast! The host has a really clever way of breaking down the information from the experts to make it fun and easy to understand!Apple review

The Society for Endocrinology is a registered charity and membership organisation that supports scientists, clinicians and nurses who work with hormones. It also engages policy-makers, journalists, patients and the public with hormone science to encourage informed health decisions, and to demonstrate the value of endocrinology to the wider world. This very important project, overseen by the Society’s Public Engagement Committee, contributes to its mission of better informing the public about the role hormones play in all aspects of human life, as well as building awareness of its informative and public-friendly website, You & Your Hormones.

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