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Standigm files PCT patent application of AI-driven repurposed drugs for primary mitochondrial disease

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Standigm Inc.

Standigm Inc. ("Standigm"), the leading workflow artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery company, announced that the company had filed PCT ("Patent Cooperation Treaty") patent application covering AI-driven repurposed drugs for primary mitochondrial disease through successful research collaboration with a US hospital, which has world-renowned expertise in the mitochondrial field. They have utilized Standigm Insight™, its AI-based drug repurposing platform, to seek new uses of existing medicines for primary mitochondrial disease, and evaluated the efficacy of the AI-driven repurposed drug candidates in its specialized animal mitochondrial disease models. The research results will be presented as a poster at a conference 'Mitochondrial Medicine 2021' which will be held virtually from November 30th to December 2nd.

"The filing represents Standigm's advanced drug discovery capability to tackle challenging, rare diseases like mitochondrial diseases," said Jinhan Kim, co-founder and CEO of Standigm. "Standigm will keep trying to break through the challenges in rare disease drug development to meet corporate social responsibility we place a high value on."

Mitochondrial diseases consist of nearly 50 rare disorders with multisystem energy deficiency. One in 5,000 individuals has mitochondrial disease, and roughly 300 different gene mutations are involved. No effective cure has been proven up to date with several challenges, such as a wide range of symptoms and complex pathology.

Meanwhile, Standigm has filed a total 18 of patents on the company's AI-driven drug candidates, including the one for repurposed mitochondrial disease drugs.

About Standigm
Standigm is a workflow AI-driven drug discovery company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and subsidiarized in Cambridge, UK. Standigm has proprietary AI platforms encompassing novel target identification to compound design, to generate commercially valuable drug pipelines. Founded in 2015, Standigm has established an early-stage drug discovery workflow AI to generate multiple First-in-Class compounds within seven months. Pursuing full-stack, AI-driven industrializing drug discovery, Standigm has achieved the automation of molecular design workflow, and the automation effort has been expanding to the whole drug discovery process on the basis of Standigm AI platforms, including Standigm ASK™ for novel target discovery, Standigm BEST™ for novel compound generation. Learn more at

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