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Researchers explore participatory approaches to case studies of complex primary care innovation

Peer-Reviewed Publication

American Academy of Family Physicians

Engaging stakeholders in case study development may enhance implementation of complex health care interventions in primary care. Researchers defined several levels of stakeholder engagement of varying intensity, from full involvement in all stages of the research to involvement in certain stages. They then provide twelve steps for conducting case studies with a participatory approach, illustrated by a practical example of how one primary care research team used the case study approach to assess the implementation of a complex health care innovation.


Researchers clarify the methods, validity and scope of conducting case studies with a participatory approach. They believe this can be used in health services research and to potentially assist in the implementation analysis of complex primary care interventions. 


Case Study With a Participatory Approach: Rethinking Pragmatics of Stakeholder Engagement for Implementation Research

Catherine Hudon, MD, PhD, et al

University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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