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Recent cancer therapies and traditional medicine

An integrative method to fight cancers

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The advancements in molecular marker discovery, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics in recent years have enabled researchers to develop targeted therapies against cancers. Cancer research and management is multi-disciplinary and multimodal. In addition to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy, targeted immunotherapy has also provided considerable success in the clinic. There is also scientific evidence on the impact of alternative therapies on cancer patients.


Modern Cancer Therapies and Traditional Medicine: An Integrative Approach to Combat Cancers summarizes the general aspects of cancer therapy and management. Chapters cover cancer medicine in two broad sections, the book presents comprehensive information on a diverse range of cancer treatments. The first section covers conventional molecular oncology and therapy including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, cancer signaling pathways and the use of computational techniques. The second section focuses on traditional methods of treatment including the role of nutrition, traditional medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda in cancer prevention and management.



Students and academicians in medicine, life sciences and pharmacology.

About the editors:

Dr. Shashank K. Singh is the Principal Scientist at the Pharmacology Division at the prestigious Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (CSIR-IIIM) and an associate professor at the academy of scientific and innovative research (AcSIR). He has been actively engaged in anti-cancer drug discovery from natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic sources since December 2003. He has also been involved in various CSIR (India) network programs of anti-cancer drug discovery and development, from hit to lead identification to preclinical development of Leads from Natural products. Dr. Shashank specializes in performing in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer Mechanistic studies apoptosis (Programmed cell death) using various techniques, drug Combination studies & formulation development of active molecules into novel drug delivery systems to improve PK PD profile or to enhance their bio-efficacy or Bioavailability. He has authored more than 60 high-impact publications and over 10 granted patents. Dr. Shashank is a member of several leading organizations and scientific bodies, including the International Pharmaceutical Federation, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and American Association for Cancer Research. 


Dr. Reena Singh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Bioengineering and Biosciences, Lovely Professional University. She holds a Ph.D. from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. She has received IARDO and RACE-Bangkok Awards for Best Teacher (University Level). Her research focuses on metagenomics, microbial diversity, directed evolution, and mutagenesis for improving the catalytic activity of microbial enzymes. She is currently exploring metagenomics for novel hydrolases and the production of bioactive molecules from myxobacteria. She has published twenty papers and book chapters and is on the editorial boards of six journals. She is a member of the Indian Science Congress Association and a founding member of The Society of Biologists, Jammu and Kashmir, India.


Chirag Chopra is an Assistant Professor at the School of Bioengineering and Biosciences, Lovely Professional University. He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Biotechnology from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University and an M.S. (Research) from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He has published fifteen papers in journals including Oncogene, Science Bulletin, f1000Research, Nutrition, Foods, International Journal of Molecular Sciences and three book chapters. He is on the editorial board of five journals. He has received IARDO and RACE Bangkok Young Scientist Awards. His research focusses on targeting key oncogenic signaling proteins and T-cell checkpoint in cancer through plant-based natural compounds. He is also working on repurposing of drugs for cancer therapy. Er. Chirag is a member of the Indian Science Congress Association and a founding member of The Society of Biologists.



Cancer biology, Yoga, Cancer nutrition, Ayurveda, Cancer signaling, Combinatorial Therapy, Cancer drug discovery, Cancer immunotherapy, Herbal Medicines, Traditional medicine, Cancer imaging, Cancer biomarkers, Targeted therapy, Molecular Oncology


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