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Findings on anti-obesity drug developments

Volume 5

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Obesity is a complex health problem, caused by a number of factors such as excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, genetic predisposition, endocrine disorders, medications and psychiatric illnesses. The incidence of obesity among populations in both the developing and the developed world has reached epidemic proportions. In response to this, efforts to control and treat obesity have also been vigorously pursued, ranging from activities focused on raising awareness about lifestyle changes to the discovery and development of safe and effective anti-obesity drugs. Anti-obesity Drug Discovery and Development is a book series focused on this very important area of healthcare research. Each volume presents insightful updates on pharmaceutical research and development for clinical researchers and healthcare professionals involved in obesity treatment programs.


The fifth volume of this series is a compilation of 6 reviews of interesting topics on the subject that highlight different aspects of obesity treatment and management, some of which are novel approaches. Topics covered in this volume include:


- the effect of sleep on weight and obesity management

- AMPK as a postulated target for metabolic syndrome and obesity

- Harnessing addiction neuroscience to treat obesity

- Current treatment of obesity versus the next generation of anti-obesogenic drugs: an ecologically and sustainable approach to health

- Leptin and leptin sensitizers for the treatment of obesity related conditions

- MicroRNAs as targets for the management of obesity


Audience: Pharmaceutical chemistry researchers, clinicians and medical specialists in internal medicine, endocrinology and rehabilitation medicine


About the editor

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Cambridge University (1 968) has 1,232 international publications (45 international patents and 341 books). He received the following awards: Fellow Royal Society (FRS) London (2006), UNESCO Science Prize (1999), Honorary Life Fellow Kings College, Cambridge University (2007), Academician (Foreign Member) Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015), Highest Civil Award for Foreigners of China (Friendship Award, 2014), High Civil Award Austria ("Grosse Goldene Ehrenzeischen am Bandel (2007), Foreign Fellow Chinese Chemical Society (2013), Sc.D. Cambridge University (UK) (1987), TWAS (Italy) Prize (2009). He was the President of Network of Academies of Sciences of Islamic Countries (NASIC), Vice President TWAS (Italy), Foreign Fellow Korean Academy of Science & Technology, President Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2003-2006) and (2011 — 2014). He was the Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan (2000 — 2002), Federal Minister of Education (2002) and Chairman Higher Education Commission/ Federal Minister (2002-2008), Coordinator General of COMSTECH (OIC Ministerial Committee) (1996-2012), and the Editor-in-Chief of Current Medicinal Chemistry.


Dr. M. lqbal Choudhary is a Professor of Organic/Bioorganic Chemistry and Director at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry and Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research) and Coordinator General of COMSTECH (OIC Ministerial Committee). He is among the most prominent scientists of Pakistan, recognized for his original contributions in the fields of natural products and bioorganic chemistry. He has written and edited 27 books, most of which have been published in USA and Europe. He is also the author of over 1000 research papers and chapters in top international science journals of the West as well as 27 US patents (H-index: 68 & Citations: 27,500). He is the Volume Editor of many international book series and journals. He has served as a visiting faculty in many prestigious universities of the world including Cornell University (New York), Purdue University (Indiana), Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania), Scripps Institution of Oceanography (San Diego, California), The University of Rhode Island (Rhode Island), and other top Universities.


Keywords: Circadian rhythm, Diabetes mellitus, Metabolic syndrome, Obstructive sleep apnea, Sleep dysfunction, Addiction, Drugs of abuse, High-fat high-sugar, Reward-based eating, Obesity, Oxytoxin, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Type-2 Diabetes.


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