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Seismic tomography: What comes next?

28-30 October 2022 | Toronto, Canada

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Seismological Society of America

Now more than 40 years old, the field of seismic tomography has provided an unprecedented look at the 3D internal structures of the Earth. But as tomography enters its middle age, it’s time to take stock and explore new ideas and questions. 

The narrow definition of seismic tomography refers to traditional efforts to measure arrival times of seismic waves as they pass once through the Earth, using those arrival times to identify different structures within the planet by how the waves are slowed or deflected. But the field has become much broader to encompass a wide range of cutting-edge methods and novel applications used to image the internal structure of the Earth.

Led by co-chairs Andreas Fichtner (ETH Zürich) and Clifford Thurber (University of Wisconsin-Madison), the purpose of this meeting is to explore both classic and cutting-edge tomographical approaches and advance our understanding of this growing field.

We invite scientists working to advance our understanding of Earth’s internal structure, using both traditional techniques and novel approaches. The meeting attendance is capped at 150, and priority will be given to those presenting an abstract. Abstract submissions open 1 April 2022.

The registration process is largely tied to the submission and acceptance of abstracts. Non-presenters interested in attending may apply to attend through a registration application submitted to and approved by the co-chairs.

Visit the meeting website for more information.


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