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Prof. Huang Gang’s team makes significant progress on Internet of Data Cloud Computing development

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Peking University

China’s Internet of Data Cloud Computing Platform

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Credit: Peking University School of Computer Science

On November 2, 2021, the key R&D project, China’s Internet of Data cloud computing architecture and platform, passed the evaluation of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. This project was initiated and developed by Prof. Huang Gang from PKU School of Computer Science, along with his research team.

With the vigorous development of the new generation of information technology and applications, data has become a basic strategic resource and a key factor of production. Realizing trusted, manageable and controllable data interconnection and intelligent applications has become the basic requirement for the further development of the digital economy and society. It will promote the formation of a new data centric infrastructure, namely, the Internet of Data.

Since 2018, Prof. Huang’s research group from 17 universities and research institutes jointly explored the software-based China’s Internet of data cloud computing scheme. They have cooperated with Robert Kahn, winner of Turing Award and the father of the Internet. Taking the digital object architecture DOA designed by Kahn - the mainstream technology and standard system in the field of digital networking as the starting point, they proposed a software definition method based on digital objects, which laid the theoretical foundation for the whole scheme. They found solutions to a series of key technological problems in Internet of Data, established the core technology system and formulated a new version of Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP), one of the two basic protocols in DOA. The system prototype of this scheme has already been verified through carrying out demonstrations in typical fields such as smart city and intelligent assistant.

In the future, Prof. Huang will continue to improve the theory, technology and system of China’s Internet of Data cloud through domestic and international cooperation to promote the construction and major applications of digital networking infrastructure in many fields and regions as well as to support the development of the national big data strategy and digital economy.

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