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Durant receives funding for CCI -- teacher professional development program

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Liza Wilson Durant, Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement, College of Engineering and Computing, received funding from the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority for: "CCI - Teacher Professional Development Program."  

Goals of the program include building confidence in any teacher, regardless of subject matter expertise or experience to present cybersecurity in the classroom and treating the teacher as the student so that they can experience the curriculum for the first time just like their students would. 

In addition to participating in the workshops, the program aims to create opportunities to meet (virtually) with colleagues in cohorts and share the tips and tricks (or pitfalls) that participants observed during those workshops.  

Teachers who participate in this cohort will receive a $1,000 stipend. Teachers are expected to: 

1. complete the Intro to Cybersecurity (previously recorded and now available online); 

2. participate in at least five workshops; 

3. participate in three cohort meetings, one (1) scheduled in December, and two (2) scheduled in spring term; 

4. integrate aspects of at least two lessons into their classroom and report on challenges and successes during a subsequent cohort meeting; and 

5. complete surveys regarding experience. 

Durant received $25,000 from the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority for this project. Funding began in November 2021 and will end in late May 2022. 


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