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Areahub’s new resource for researchers, organizations, and the public: comprehensive, comparable, climate and environmental hazards information for US addresses and zip codes

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AreaHub announced a new website giving researchers and others accessible and potentially customizable environmental and climate hazard information for all U.S. locations. The website aggregates and breaks down regularly updated data on 13 of the most common climate, natural, environmental, and industrial hazards that can impact residents’ health, safety and property values.  

AreaHub’s reporting and information platform stands out, most notably, for the breadth of its featured climate and environmental hazards. It offers a searchable platform that produces address-specific results backed by rigorous science and data-gathering on the environmental hazard issues of most interest to residents, researchers and business owners.

Search results generate local area results in critical hazard categories, including Superfund sites, brownfields, severe floods, hurricanes, air quality, wildfires, and more. Additionally, the site’s Knowledge Center offers consumers fact-based information describing each particular hazard; examining its potential impact on their lives, drawing upon reliable and scientific studies and sources; and empowering readers with hazard mitigation information.

Potential research uses of AreaHub’s data could involve, for example, the geographic distribution of specific hazards locally, regionally, or nationally; or the presence of multiple, overlying, and potentially amplifying environmental risks that certain areas in the U.S. may face. Additional information about using AreaHub data for research purposes can be requested, if interested.

AreaHub’s co-founders identified the need for clear and accessible information when they searched for environmental hazard information in their communities. They were surprised how difficult it was to find relevant area hazard information at the local level.

“In our experience, critical environmental and natural hazard information is challenging, confusing, and time-consuming to locate,” said co-founder and President Alison Gregory. “We are passionate about addressing those issues and built Areahub to provide a clear and efficient one-stop platform.” 

AreaHub offers an aggregate picture of climate and environmental hazards for areas searched anywhere in the U.S., along with a Knowledge Center that describes the hazards, their impacts, and what you can do about them.

​​“From our personal experiences, we understand how important one’s local environment is and how many of us want to understand and monitor for ourselves, our loved ones, and our businesses.”


About AreaHub 

AreaHub is a service that offers up-to-date climate and environmental hazard information through the aggregation of data about natural, environmental, pollution and other industrial hazards that can impact health, safety, and/or property values. By leveraging their prior managerial, data processing, and startup experience, the co-founders built and launched AreaHub for people and businesses to be informed with clearly presented, scientific, and locally relevant information to help people make healthier and wiser decisions. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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