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The 2nd International BioDesign Research Conference successful conclusion

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BioDesign Research

The 2nd International BioDesign Research Conference was held online by BioDesign Research in December 2021.


This conference focused on the general aspect of biosystems design and its sub-fields, including de novo design, microbial biological design, animal and human biological design, and plant biological design, etc.


Fifty world renowned experts and scholars were invited to present at the conference. Approximately 3000 people have registered to participate.


Twelve posters were selected by the expert committee of the conference to receive poster awards. Dr. Shirley S Daube from Weizmann Institute and Dr.  Alicia Climent Catala from Imperial College London won the first prize. Over 150 participants all over the world have posted their photos in the conference cloud group photo album.


The conference not only showcased the up-to-date research progress in the field of biosystem designs and synthetic biology, but also promoted the exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration among scientists across the world. This conference also greatly increased public visibility of Biodesign Research and enhance the confidence and trust of scientific community in this new journal.


BioDesign Research is an online-only Open Access journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in its Science Partner Journal program in affiliation with Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU)

It publishes high quality breakthrough research, reviews, editorials, and perspectives focusing on in silico biosystems design, genetic or epigenetic modification, and genome writing or rewriting in any organism.



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