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Latest developments in analytical methods

Modern advances in systematic practices - volume 5

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The 5th volume of Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques contains five comprehensive chapters. The concepts described in this volume reflect the important recent advances in analytical chemistry including modern quality management aspects of these methods that can find wide use in industry. The chapters cover important recent trends in analytical methods, including the use of Liquid Chromatography-Based Mass Spectrometers in Chiral Analysis; New Trends in Sample Preparation for Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis by Chromatographic Methods; Qualitative and Quantitative Investigation of Bio Tissues using Microscopy and Data Mining; Analytical Techniques for Analysis of Metals; and Minerals in Soil Samples and Monitoring Therapeutic Response in Cancers: A Raman Spectroscopy Approach. We hope that the readers will greatly enjoy reading the excellent chapters contributed by eminent scientists in their respective fields.

The series is essential reading for students and researchers who require information about new methods in biological, chemical and physical analysis.


About the Editors:

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Cambridge University (1968) has 1,232 international publications (45 international patents and 341 books). He received the following awards: Fellow Royal Society (FRS) London (2006), UNESCO Science Prize (1999), Honorary Life Fellow Kings College, Cambridge University (2007), Academician (Foreign Member) Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015), Highest Civil Award for Foreigners of China (Friendship Award, 2014), High Civil Award Austria ("Grosse Goldene Ehrenzeischen am Bande") (2007), Foreign Fellow Chinese Chemical Society (2013), Sc.D. Cambridge University (UK) (1987), TWAS (Italy) Prize (2009). He was the President of Network of Academies of Sciences of Islamic Countries (NASIC), Vice President TWAS (Italy), Foreign Fellow Korean Academy of Science & Technology, President Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2003-2006) and (2011 — 2014). He was the Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan (2000 — 2002), Federal Minister of Education (2002) and Chairman Higher Education Commission/Federal Minister (2002-2008), Coordinator General of COMSTECH (OIC Ministerial Committee) (1996-2012), and the Editor-in-Chief of Current Medicinal Chemistry.

Sibel A. Ozkan is presently working as a Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. She has been involved in several analytical chemistry projects related to her research interests including analysis of pharmaceuticals by using separation techniques, method development and their validation, electro analytical techniques, novel electrode materials and Nano-sensors. She has published more than 200 original and review papers, 2 scientific books and 5 book chapters in several books. She received Ankara University Scientific Support Award in 2003, and Academy of Pharmacy Science Award of Turkish Pharmaceutical Association in 2008. She is also the Editorial Board Member of many analytical chemistry journals like Talanta, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Chromatography, etc. She is also a Regional Editor of Current Pharmaceutical Analysis.



Bioanalysis, Artificial neural networks, Complete blood count,  Mean corpuscular hemoglobin, Texture analysis, Total leukocyte count, Ultrasonic kidney, Ultrasound images, White blood cell, White light microscopy, Whole blood.


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