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The European research and policy society gets together to identify future support for policy modelling

EU Horizon 2020 project BESTMAP participated in the European Conference on modelling for policy support

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2021 EU Conference on modelling for policy support

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Credit: 2021 EU Conference on modelling for policy support

In an effort to enhance the visibility of the project and its objectives, as well as to contribute to European decision-making in terms of environmental, economic, and social aspects, BESTMAP took part in the 2021 EU Conference on modelling for policy support. The event was organised by the European Commission’s Competence Centre on Modelling (CC-MOD) and took place between 22 to 26 November 2021. Aiming to create connections between researchers and stakeholders from civil society, government, and the private sector, and bridge science and decision-making for sustainable management and governance of land use worldwide, the project presented agricultural policy behavioural, ecological and socio-economic modelling from case studies to European scale.

BESTMAP is a research project funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project aims at developing and analysing the outcomes of a behavioural theoretical modelling framework that takes account of the complexity of farmers' decision-making. Over two years into the project, BESTMAP is already applying computer models in order to help build up an operational framework. 

Throughout the 2021 EU Conference of modelling for policy support, BESTMAP has been represented by the coordinator Prof. Guy Ziv from the University of Leeds, along with other BESMAP members, amongst whom were the co-coordinator Prof. Anna Cord and project partner Dr. Stephanie Roilo from the Technical University of Dresden, Dr Michael Beckmann, Dr Birgit Mueller (Helmholtz-Zentrum Umweltforschung) & Dr Tomás Václavík, Dr Fanny Langerwisch (Palacky University Olomouc).

More than 30 people actively participated in the discussion panel where the uncertainties and possible challenges in the BESTMAP models have been recognised.

This project received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement N817501.

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