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Synthesis of non- or antiaromatic conjugated macrocycles

Azulene-containing ring-expanded porphyrin with a 24pi-system

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Ehime University

Synthesis of diazuliamethyrin

image: Synthesis of diazuliamethyrin view more 

Credit: Tetsuo Okujima, Ehime University

Profs. Okujima and Uno, in collaboration with Prof. Kobayashi at Shinshu University, reported  their success in the synthesis of diazuliamethyrin, a core-modified hexaphyrin(, and descibed its molecular structure, electronic structure and optical properties.
Amethyrin is a stable and antiaromatic ring-expanded porphyrin comprised of 6 pyrroles and 2 meso-bridged carbons. We successfully synthesized diazuliamethyrin via a “3+3” porphyrin synthesis. We confirmed it to have a 24pi non- or antiaromatic character by NMR, absorption, and MCD spectra analyses, and by TD-DFT calculations. Our findings were published on December 21, 2021 in Organic Letters.

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