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Beneficial presentations of Beta-Glucan

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Beta glucan is a polysaccharide and an important food supplement that strengthens the immune system. Beta glucan can be obtained from many food sources such as mushrooms, yeast, or oats. Beta glucan has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of many diseases, thanks to its immune system strengthening effect. Beta-glucan, which has been the subject of 8000 articles and studies to date, creates a serious decrease in the need for antibiotics and the frequency of infection when used to activate and strengthen the immune system in children or adults who have frequent infections and need to take antibiotics for a long time.

This book presents the medical applications of beta-glucan. There are observational studies both in the experimental environment and in the human body, showing that beta-glucan strengthens and supports the immune system. Effective results have been obtained in many double-blind placebo-controlled studies with good evidence levels. Beta-glucan, which has been approved by the FDA on the market, is generally defined as a safe molecule. At the same time, it has been seen that beta-glucan has no toxic effect on the human body in the current

7500-8000 studies that show that it is clinically effective. There are many articles showing that it is used as an adjunct to chemotherapy in cancer patients and that good results are obtained, and that it recovers the distress and destructive, damaging and shedding effects of radiotherapy much faster.

The book in your hand has discussed in detail the therapeutic effects of beta-glucan in the treatment of many diseases from cancer to COVID-19, from rheumatoid arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome, from diabetes to chronic kidney disease. ln this sense, this work is an important resource where you can find and compare the studies in the literature on the therapeutic effects of beta glucan on the treatment of different diseases.


About the Author:

Dr. Betul Gurunlii, (PhD-Chemical engineering) studied the development of an efficient synthesis method for graphene during her Ph.D. and got her doctorate degree (Ph.D.) from the chemical engineering department of Gebze Technical University in 2019.  She is an author of "New Applications and Approaches in Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst Synthesis", published in 2017. She is reviewing papers in various fields, basically in chemistry, medicine, biology, and electronics. She was awarded "The Reviewer of the Year for 2020" by 10P Publishing. Dr. Betul Gurunlii focused on developing sensor technologies for health monitoring and diagnosis during her post-doctoral study. Currently, she is working as Assistant Professor at the Bioengineering Department of Oskudar University, Istanbul, Turkey.


Keywords: p-glucan, bedsores, wounds, burns, strengthening the immune system, COVID-19, papilloma virus, upper respiratory tract, infections, strengthening the immune system, low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol, collagen induced arthritis, chronic fatigue disease, ear infections, acute otitis, media, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers

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