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Sport Management Education: Global Perspectives and Implications for Practice book

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Credit: Routledge

A new book, edited by Dr Mike Rayner and Dr Tom Webb from the University of Portsmouth, has been published that examines a range of contemporary issues related to the global delivery of sport management education.

Sport Management Education: Global Perspectives and Implications for Practice, published by Routledge, brings together sport management academics from around the world and examines how their practice in education has been shaped by the cultural, religious, and political context of the national regions in which they work. The book contains research conducted from over ten global education partners of the University’s School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science.

It aims to identify core principles in sport management education and implementation, and discusses the key aspects of sport management programmes, from curriculum design and teaching to issues around unified accreditation and the needs of employers. It also focuses in on what sport management education might look like in an increasingly digital post-COVID world. 

At a time of unprecedented change in higher education, the book looks closely at how sport management education can and should deliver positive outcomes in sport business and management outside of the university. 

Dr Tom Webb, Senior Lecturer in Sport Management, said: “This is essential reading for all sport management educators and anybody working in sport-related professions looking to understand global educational platforms and their implications for policy at local, regional, national, and international level.”

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