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PKU’s researchers win Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award

Grant and Award Announcement

Peking University

Recently, the results of the Science and Technology Award by the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) have been announced. The collaborative research project entitled “Research on Nano-electronic Devices Based on Two-dimensional Materials” won the third prize in Natural Science. It was conducted by teams led by Prof. Lu Jing and Prof. Gao Zhengxiang from PKU’s Institute of Condensed Matter and Material Physics and State Key Laboratory for Artificial Microstructure and Mesoscopic Physics, along with Prof. Lei Ming and associate professor Quhe Ruge from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


Among the awarded projects, this project stands out as one of the few purely fundamental theoretical research projects, focusing on the development of accurate simulation solutions for electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials and proposing solutions to improve device performance at the atomic-molecular level. 


The collaborative research team has been working on nano-electronic device design and quantum transport simulation for a long period of time. Based on previous results, a research paradigm of the low-dimensional material interface under device configuration has been proposed, which contributed to the accurate simulation and calculation of small-scale quantum device performance and elucidated the mechanism of influence of van der Waals-type electrical contact interface and electronic structure of channel material on device performance. This has thus provided a mechanism for the optimal design of small-size field effect transistors. These research outcomes have been cited and highly praised by top academic journals including the Review of Modern Physics and Nano Today. In 2021, the team was also invited to publish reviews on influential journals, such as Physics Reports and Reports on Progress in Physics.


The Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award is awarded to groups or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to scientific research and technological innovation. This year, 31 natural sciences, 29 technical inventions, 88 scientific and technological progress, and 2 innovation team awards have been awarded. 

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