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New publication: "Covid, Crisis, Care, and Change? International Gender Perspectives on Re/Production, State and Feminist Transitions"

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Technische Universität Dresden

On International Women's Day, the anthology edited by sociologists Prof. Antonia Kupfer and Constanze Stutz M.A., is now available in hard copy and open access. The contributors address the status and recognition of essential jobs and care work performed in the so-called private sphere, as well as questions of state regulation and possibilities for feminist transformation from perspectives of gender relations.

An initial hope that the pandemic might not only increase the visibility of socially necessary reproductive work, but also bring about structural changes in the distribution, payment, and recognition of work performed by predominantly women, has been met with disillusionment and disappointment. The authors of the anthology use selected fields and professions in different countries to trace the dynamics of state regulations that have the effect of preventing fundamental social change. That this does not have to be the case show two concluding chapters on feminist concepts of transformation.

"Covid, Crisis, Care, and Change? International Gender Perspectives on Re/Production, State, and Feminist Transitions" is published in paperback and in open-access for download by Barbara Budrich Publishers.

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