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Voltammetry for Identifying Applications

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Voltammetry for Sensing Applications is the significant approach in the advancement of electrochemical analysis in various platforms such as drug testing and analysis, sensors for point-of-care devices, sensors for diverse analysis, advanced energy storage devices, clinical sample analysis, and sensors for the detection of heavy metals, nanomaterials, disease detection, immune sensors, food sample analysis, and anti-inflammatory and anticancer drug detection. The high significance, stability, repeatability, high performance, inexpensive, less time consuming, lower detection limit and quantification, and so on are the most appropriate applications for the sensing tools and methodologies and which portrayed a most imperative character in the environment, biological, medicinal, and food safety-related analysis. Recently, a new era was accompanied in voltammetry for sensing applications through the expansion of large-scale, sensitive, selective, and lower concentration level detection to create new sensing devices for giving a kinetic and electrochemical reaction phenomenon. Current advancements in sensing technology will authorize an advanced control in material physical and chemical characteristics and behavior. Hereby contributing an opportunity for new sensory materials in voltammetric analysis with progressive characteristics, such as greater reliability, low-cost, and improved steadiness.



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J. G Manjunatha is an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at FMKMC College, A Constituent College of Mangalore University, Madikeri, India. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Kuvempu University and Postdoc from the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia. He has received various awards and published more than 128 research articles in reputed international journals. His research interests focus on the fabrication of electrochemical sensors to detect biologically active molecules and the fabrication of binderless Super capacitor.



Electrochemistry, Voltammetric techniques of analysis, Sensor Materials



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