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Southwest Research Institute automotive engineering expertise on display at SAE International’s WCX™ 2022

Engineers, mobility industry leaders WCX™ World Congress Experience in Detroit to discuss, explore mobility challenges and more

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SAN ANTONIO — April 11, 2022 — More than a dozen engineers and staff from Southwest Research Institute’s Powertrain Engineering division convened in Detroit April 5-7 to share their respective expertise with leaders in the technical mobility industry at the 2022 WCX™ World Congress Experience.

Hosted by SAE International, WCX is the “largest technical mobility event of its kind,” according to its website. The conference invited mechanical, electrical and software engineers working in mobility from around the world to share knowledge and research to overcome the latest challenges facing the industry.

As leaders in mobility and automotive research and design, development, testing and analysis, SwRI staff attended WCX to present publications, demonstrate works, or serve as expert panelists or moderators on a variety of topics.

In addition to collaborating with SAE staff to develop the technical and business topics to be discussed at SAE’s leadership summit, Dr. Terry Alger, director of SwRI’s Automotive Propulsion Systems Department moderated a panel discussing the role hydrogen might play in the transportation sector. SwRI Staff Engineer Dr. Thomas Briggs participated in a different panel discussing component and system challenges and opportunities for low and zero-carbon hydrogen propulsion systems.

SwRI engineer Christopher Sharp discussed current state, challenges and opportunities related to emission measurements in response to emerging engine and aftertreatment technologies and new fuels as part of an expert panel. SwRI Principal Engineer Dr. Graham Conway organized a session on the life cycle of engine systems operating on low-carbon fuels. SwRI Principal Scientist Dr. Svitlana Kroll helped organize a session on emissions measurement and testing as chairperson, helped organize another session regarding alternative and advanced fuels, and served as organizer and moderator for an expert panel discussion also on challenges and opportunities related to emissions measurements in response to emerging engine and aftertreatment technologies as well as new fuels.

Dr. Imad A. Khalek, a senior program manager with SwRI’s Powertrain Engineering Division, was one of a 20 newly elected SAE Fellows honored at the SAE Fellows Reception and Dinner at the conference.

Publications and presentations at WCX discussing SwRI-affiliate research include:

Bhagdikar, P., Gankov, S., Frazier, C., Rengarajan, S. et al., “Demonstration of Energy Consumption Reduction in Class 8 Trucks Using Eco-Driving Algorithm Based on On-Road Testing."

Surampudi, B. and Jones, K., A Comparative Study of Lithium-Ion Cathode Chemistry Correlations with Emissions Initiated by Nail Penetration Abuse in the Presence of an Immersive Coolant."

Zavala, B., Premnath, V., and Sharp, C., “Detailed Emissions Characterization for Off-Road Applications: A DPF and non-DPF Engine Comparison."

Wheeler, S. and Eakle, S., “Development of Steady State NO2:NOX Control via an Independent Nitric Decomposition System for the Exhaust Composition Transient Operation Laboratory."

Wheeler, S., Seuser, G., Zavala, B., and Henry, C., “Optimization of Surfactant and Catalyst Modified Urea-Water Solution Formulation for Deposit Reduction in SCR Aftertreatment Systems."

Bhagdikar, P., Gankov, S., Rengarajan, S., Sarlashkar, J. et al., "Quantifying System Level Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles in an Urban Corridor."

Handa, G., Denton, B., Rengarajan, S., Chadwell, C. et al., “Benefits of a Dual HP and LP EGR Circuit on a Turbocharged Direct Injection Gasoline Engine.”

Cung, K., Bitsis, D., Briggs, T., Miwa, J. et al., “Demonstration of High Compression Ratio Combustion Systems for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine with Improved Efficiency and Lower Emissions.”

Bachu, P., Michlberger, A., and Bitsis, D., “Reduced Power Cylinder Friction with Advanced Coatings and Optimized Lubricants.”

McCarthy, Jr., J., Matheaus, A., Zavala, B., Sharp, C. et al., “Meeting Future NOX Emissions Over Various Cycles Using a Fuel Burner and Conventional Aftertreatment System.

Zainal, A., Zhang, H., and Shah, B., “Comprehensive Electric Motor Cooling Modeling.”

Premnath, V., Khalek, I., Stevens, M., and Whitney, K., “Relationship Between PM and PN for various Engine Platforms.”

Sharp, C., “An Update on Continuing Progress Towards Heavy-Duty Low NOx and CO2 in 2027 and Beyond.”

For more information, visit SwRI Powertrain Engineering.

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