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European Scientific Conference – Towards Pesticide Free Agriculture – 2 & 3 June, Dijon (France)

What research to meet the pesticides reduction objectives embedded in the European Green Deal?

Meeting Announcement

INRAE - National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment

Current crop protection in EU agriculture heavily relies on chemical pesticides to control weeds, pests and pathogens. European authorities, consumers and citizens are calling for a drastic reduction in the use and impact of chemical pesticides. The European Green Deal has set new targets and defined a roadmap with multiple strategies, including Farm to Fork and Biodiversity 2030. Ambitious targets have been set for agriculture and food, namely the goal of reducing by 50% the use and risk of chemical pesticides, as well as the use of more hazardous pesticides, by 2030.

This ambitious objective will require an in-depth change with new approaches based on prophylaxis, agroecology and the commitments of the sectors, but also major breakthroughs in the conception of new agricultural systems where crop protection does not rely only on the application of chemical pesticides. French and European research is clearly in line with this ambition with major paradigm shifts and disruptive research strategies, which should lead to such breakthrough innovations.

The conference will provide a state of play of the scientific production and of the science fronts that the European research must explore in order to break away from the current food system known to be heavily dependent on chemical pesticides. The major goal is to contribute to respond to the ambitious pesticide reduction objective of the European Green Deal.


A high-level scientific conference at the Palais des Congrès in Dijon – overview programme

Presentations by keynote speakers and by researchers on the following research themes linked to the reduction in the use of pesticides:

    • Cropping systems
    • Genetics and breeding of new cultivars for new services
    • Bio-inspired management of Crop Health
    • Agrifood system transformation
    • Towards pesticide free perennial crops
    • Public policies for a transition towards pesticide-free agriculture

Panel discussion with members of the scientific committee

Statement from a major player in the agri-food value chain

The Palais’ hall will welcome more than 50 research posters

A science and society meeting held in the Palais des Ducs and bringing researchers and citizens from Dijon together around the theme of the transition towards agrifood sustainability


Keynote speakers

  • Jean-Eric PAQUET, European Commission Director-General – Directorate «Research and Innovation» (RTD)
  • Agnès D'ANTHONAY, Director of Public Affairs and Sustainable Development – Kronenbourg (Carlsberg Group)
  • Florence JACQUET, Scientific director of the "Growing and protecting crops differently research programme", INRAE (France)
  • Riccardo BOMMARCO, Professor Ecology and agronomy, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
  • Monica HÖFTE, Head of the laboratory of Phytopathology, Ghent University (Belgium): Frank ORDON, President of Julius Kühn-Institut (Germany)
  • Robert FINGER, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Policy, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
  • Szilvia BENCZE, Leading Researcher, Institute of Organic Agriculture, OMKI (Hungary),
  • Frank EWERT, Scientific Director of Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, ZALF (Germany)
  • Violette GIESSEN, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
  • Christian HUYGHE, Scientific Director Agriculture of INRAE (France)
  • Jennifer LEWIS, Executive Director of International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association IBMA Global (Belgium)
  • Philippe REIGNAULT, Scientific Director for Plant Health of French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, ANSES (France)
  • Emilio RODRIGUEZ-CEREZO, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission & Directorate – Sustainable Resources, Joint Research Center-Seville (Spain)
  • Lucius TAMM, Head of Crop Science Department of Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FIBL (Switzerland)

Information, registration and programme:

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