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Progressive Medicinal and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

Complete Book set: Part 1 & 2

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Bentham Science Publishers

 It expresses huge and awareness of knowledge about Advance Pharmaceutical Herbal Nanoscience: Targeted Drug Delivery System in the aspect of application, in drug delivery and herbal nanomedicine. In addition to this the book cover all major topic like drug development issues, adaptation to clinical use, market prospects and industrial commercialization too, comes under the cloud of Advance Pharmaceutical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology application. Apart from application section it discuss deeply about Safety, Herbal Nanotechnology, Regulatory, Targeting aspect and social scenario of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience. The book not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also consider practical aspects too. The book is quiet beneficial for students and researchers across the globe that, are indulged in the reading and investigation of Advance Pharmaceutical Herbal Nanoscience and related Nanotechnology. Thereby, spreading awareness all over the globe and promoting anticipated trends in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The major objective of this initiative is to bring all the fundamental concept, Target delivery, Herbal Bioactive, and Nanomedicine all in common platform that will provide knowledge about all the possible Advance Pharmaceutical Herbal Nanoscience Drug Delivery Systems. Some major blooming chapters to be published in the book which include Nucleic acid based therapeutic, Electrosomes, Aquasomes, Phytosomes, Guggulosome, Niosomes, Self nano/micro emulsified drug delivery system, concept of Targeted Drug Delivery System, Application of Herbal Bioactive and many more. This valuable resource will prepare the readers more aware about Novel Drug delivery systems as well as their promising applications in drug targeting, and nano Theranostics. Thereby, boosting up the scenario of pharmaceutical globe. The information furnished in the book is sure to serve the society. 




 Prof. (Dr.) Swarnlata Saraf, Dr. Ram Kumar Sahu & Dr. Vivek Dave


Nucleic Acid Based Therapeutic Drug Delivery System, Nanoemulsion, liposome, phytosome, Transfersomes, bioactive compounds, blood brain barrier, Nanocapsules, Nano-hydrogels, Cosmeceuticals, PEGylated liposomes, Pharmacosomes, oxidative stress, Phospholipids


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