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Boundary Element Methods for Heat Transfer with Phase Change Problems

Theory and Application

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Bentham Science Publishers

The mathematical modelling of free and moving boundary problems are an important topic in engineering, industry, technology and theoretical sciences. These models allow us to make calculations involved in phase change transitions of materials due to heat transfer. Boundary layer applications are widespread in research and industry. Boundary Element Methods for Heat Transfer with Phase Change Problems: Theory and Application equips the reader with information about heat transfer problems occurring during phase changes. The book “Boundary Element Methods for Heat Transfer with Phase Change Problems: Theory and Application” covers several boundary element methods, including methods for phase changes, fixed and moving domains and new approaches. The contents are rounded off with chapters on numerical results and industrial applications. Key features: - Simple, didactic presentation of boundary layer problems for heat transfer problems - Covers a wide range of boundary element methods - Includes methods for fixed and moving domains - Explains industrial applications of the methods - Includes solutions to numerical problems The book serves as a textbook for students of advanced mathematics and engineering. It is also a handbook for researchers working on numerical analysis, who require a focused volume on boundary element methods for heat transfer applications.


The book will be excellent to all whom working in the field of numerical analysis, advanced topics, wide range of applied and industrial problems, all under and Postgraduate students.


About the Author:

S. G. Ahmed was born in March 13, 1962 in Sharkia, Egypt. Since 2006 he is Professor of Computational Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Department of Engineering Mathematics and Mathematics, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt. He received his Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis from the University of Portsmouth and Zagazig University through channel system between UK and Egypt in 1996. He started his Academic carrier since September, 1996.  International Awards, Emerald Literati highly commended author award, 2006, Symbol of Excellency from Cambridge University, United Kingdom, 2011, ABI: Scientific Award of Excellency USA, 2011. He worked temporally at different private Universities inside and aboard, organizing and shared series of international conferences, since 2017, worked as Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief for three international journals.



Moving Boundary problems, Numerical Integration, Phase change problems, Diffusion problems, Mushy zones, Stefan problems, Solidification, Melting, Ablation, Cavitations, Constant boundary element, Linear boundary element, Quadratic boundary element.


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