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Contemporary Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Lumber Spine - Vol. 2

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Bentham Science Publishers

Contemporary Spinal Endoscopy brings the reader the most up-to-date content on endoscopy of the spine. Key opinion leaders from around the world came together to present the clinical evidence behind their competitive endoscopic spinal surgery protocols. Topics range from spinal pain generators, preoperative workup with modern independent predictors of favorable clinical outcomes with endoscopy, anesthesia in an outpatient setting, management of complications, and a fresh look at technology advances in a historical context. The reader will have a first-row seat during the illustrative discussions of expanded surgical indications from herniated disc to more complex clinical problems, including stenosis, instability, and deformity in patients with advanced degenerative disease of the human spine.


This volume (Lumbar Spine) covers the following topics in 18 detailed chapters:


• Lumbar endoscopy: historical perspectives, present & future

• Endoscopic lumbar discectomy – anatomy, nomenclature, indications and advanced techniques

• Current approaches for the treatment of end stage vacuum degenerative lumbar disc disease

• Advanced endoscopic techniques of lumbar foraminotomy and treatment of degenerative spondylolisthesis

• Endoscopic treatment of lumbar facet cysts

• Endoscopic techniques for the treatment of a wide range of chronic low back pain

• Endoscopic spine surgery techniques in the elderly

• Endoscopic fusion techniques

• Endoscopic resection of schwannoma

• Technical notes for difficult cases, controversies and complications of lumbar endoscopy



About the Editor

Dr. Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski has dedicated his career to developing and implementing formalized endoscopic spinal surgery protocols by applying his NIH- and SBIR-funded academic research background to clinical investigation with sophisticated statistical analysis. His acumen has enabled him to build an entrepreneurial outpatient spinal surgery program that provides quality medical care to many patients.                                                              

Dr. Anthony Yeung is the world's most renowned spinal endoscopist who was there at the beginning when it all started some 35 years ago. He was one of the first in the United States to begin his own vertically integrated ambulatory surgery center focused on endoscopic outpatient spine care.

Dr. Jorge Felipe Ramírez León is the number one key opinion leader in the Spanish-speaking world - an entrepreneur innovator spine surgeon who has advanced spinal endoscopy as a physician, business owner, and current or past president of the leading Latin American spine societies."



Spinal stenosis, Ligamentum flavum, Osteotomy, Radiculopathy, Fusion, Cervical, Laser, Lumbar, Low back pain, Endoscopy, Decompression, Outpatient surgery, Laminotomy, Evidence Based Medicine


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