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DTC genetics company Nucleus Genomics raises $18 million in funding in one year

Seed+ funding round led by Seven Seven Six nets $14 million

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image: Nucleus Genomics, a next-generation consumer genetic testing and analysis company, has raised $14 million in a new funding round led by Alexis Ohanian's Seven Seven Six. view more 

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New York City, NY, July 14, 2022Nucleus Genomics, a next-generation consumer genetic testing and analysis company, has raised $14 million in a new funding round led by Alexis Ohanian's Seven Seven Six. The NYC-based company, founded by Kian Sadeghi, is building a DTC genetic testing platform that provides innovative genetic risk and disposition score analyses on an extensive number of diseases and traits by leveraging whole-genome sequencing (WGS). The company also believes in maximal data ownership and liberty by providing its users total autonomy over their genetic data.

Ohanian joins a lineup of investors across technology, healthcare, and media, including Founders Fund, Adrian Aoun (CEO, Forward Health), Brent Saunders (former CEO, Allergan), Patrick Hsu (Bioengineering Professor, UC Berkeley), Hugo Barra (CEO, Detect), Austen Allred (CEO, Bloom Institute of Technology), Packy McCormick (Founder, Not Boring), Shrug Capital, Alexandra Botez (influencer), Anthony Pompliano, and many others.

The additional funding, along with the company’s initial seed financing raised in 2021, will help Nucleus bolster its scientific and engineering team. They are continuing to set up the computational and physical infrastructure required to analyze whole-genome sequencing (WGS) data at scale, customize disease and trait reports, and send genetic testing kits to users.

Nucleus provides WGS genetic testing kits for users to receive rare variant analysis and polygenic scores across a wide variety of diseases and traits — ranging from breast cancer risk to longevity disposition. Individuals who have done DTC microarray genetic testing from companies such as 23andMe can upload their genotyped DNA on the Nucleus platform to receive a subset of the possible genetic analyses, centering around polygenic scores. These scores are calculated by combining the effects of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of DNA letters that vary from one individual to another.

A big part of Nucleus’ mission is to ensure that the user’s overall experience from the reports is personalized by combining genetic and non-genetic data.

"We want people to see all their data — their whole-genome sequence, blood tests, doctors’ reports, sleep cycle, running duration — their entire health story in one place," said Lasse Folkersen, Ph.D., Nucleus' Chief Scientific Officer. "But most importantly, they will see how their daily life decisions, combined with their genetics, influence their traits and risk for disease. That's where our algorithms and scientific expertise play a critical role."

Nucleus is acutely aware of the lack of diversity in genomic datasets. The company is looking to help gradually fix this issue by making their reports accessible, informative and inclusive.

“Nucleus is reimagining the DTC genetic analysis experience for people of all ages, across all places,” said Caio Hachem, Nucleus’ Chief Operations Officer. “Our team, which consists of people across the globe, reflects the diversity we want to see in our user base.”

"The promise of personalizing the healthcare experience was made decades ago,” Sadeghi added. “Nucleus is bringing that promise to fruition, starting with consumer genetic testing.”

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About Nucleus Genomics

Nucleus is redefining DTC genetic testing. By combining polygenic scores with traditional rare variant DNA analysis, the company provides comprehensive assessments of genetic disposition across a myriad of diseases and traits. Nucleus’ mission is to empower people to take agency over their health so no one dies from preventable disease -- that’s why the company is building a platform based on cutting-edge science, where everyone has their genome in their pocket, complete clarity on their risks, and are empowered by personalized health measures. Nucleus is also bridging the gap between people, doctors, and scientists to help discoveries, therapies, and cures find their way to people faster. Learn more at

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