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140 Years’ worth of research on a significant fungal order compiled into one source

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American Phytopathological Society

St. Paul, MN (July 2022)—Diseases such as rice blast fungus, summer patch, and take-all root rot are devastating to cereal and grass crops worldwide. These economically/ecologically significant diseases belong to the fungal order Magnaporthales, which contains about 200 species. For the past 140 years, studies on the taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, and pathology of this fungal order had no centralized location.

The Rice Blast Fungus and Allied Species: A Monograph of the Fungal Order Magnaporthales, by Jing Luo and Ning Zhang, is the first “one-stop shop” for information on Magnaporthales—including historic records, advancements, and the most current updates.

Four user-friendly chapters cover taxonomy and phylogeny with recommendations for scientific names of genera, diseases and management, dichotomous keys to families and genera, and three major taxon descriptions. Additionally, Luo and Zhang provide morphological descriptions, diagnostic illustrations, type designations, geographical distributions, host ranges, and references for representative taxa, with an emphasis on economically important species. GenBank accessions for fungal DNA barcodes, several other phylogenetic markers, and genome sequences for representative taxa are also provided.

This new, easily accessible resource will streamline the research process for specialists and nonspecialists alike—facilitating future work on systematics, biodiversity, genetics, plant protection, and quarantine of an important fungal group.

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